How many grams are there in 3.4 x 10^24 molecules of NH3?
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rohanyosingh 7 months ago
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95.965 grams


Avogadro's Number or Avogadro's Constant is called the number of particles that make up a substance (usually atoms or molecules) and that can be found in the amount of one mole of said substance. Its value is 6.023×10²³ particles per mole. Avogadro's number applies to any substance.

Then you can apply the following rule of three: if 6.023×10²³ molecules are contained in 1 mole of NH₃, then 3.4×10²⁴ molecules are contained in how many moles of NH₃?

amount of moles of NH₃= (3.4×10²⁴ atoms × 1 mole)÷ 6.023×10²³ atoms

amount of moles of NH₃= 5.645 moles

Being the molar mass of NH₃, that is, the amount of mass that a substance contains in one mole, 17 , then the amount of mass that 5.645 moles of the compound contain can be calculated as:

5.645 moles× 17=  95.965 grams

Finally, 95.965 grams of NH₃ are in 3.4×10²⁴ molecules of NH₃.

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