Your friend is taking her exams and feels stressed-out. Write her an e-mail giving her advice

Are you the freind?

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deebikamadhivanan 6 months ago
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Advising your friend will make them feel cared for, and this will boost them to perform better in the exams. During exam time, friends can be a terrific source of encouragement, but they can also be a distraction from studying.

What is the content of the mail?

Dear friend,

It's a pleasure to correspond with you. I wish you happiness and good health.

Stop being so concerned, I received your letter. We both recognize that the board examinations are approaching quickly, therefore I wanted to share some of my views in order to assist you.

To begin, you must define a goal for yourself. This has always been advantageous to me. The next step is to set goals for oneself in order to become self-motivated.

The third step is to eat and sleep well. Aside from that, begin reviewing the material covered so far. You should also get a model test book to keep track of your progress.

Solving one a day will improve your understanding of the time constraints and your ability to respond. All of these actions have been beneficial to me.

Finally, I would emphasize that time management is crucial, so make the most of it.

Overall, you should not be concerned about the impending tests. I am here to assist you if you require additional assistance.

I hope you received assistance. Brother, keep working hard and writing.

Your loving friend,


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