each row describes a proportional relationship between the number of pounds of tomatoes used and the number of pints of tomato juice produced. complete the table by writing the constant of proportionally for each situation.
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joaobezerra 7 months ago
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Considering the table given, the constant of proportionality of the proportional relationship is of k = 0.8.

What is a proportional relationship?

A proportional relationship is a function in which the output variable is given by the input variable multiplied by a constant of proportionality, that is:

y = kx

In which k is the constant of proportionality.

Researching the problem on the internet, the set of values is as follows: (4,5), (8,10), (12,15), ...

Hence the constant is given by k = 4/5 = 8/10 = 12/15 = ... = 0.8.

More can be learned about proportional relationships at https://brainacademy.pro/question/10424180

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MrRoyal 7 months ago
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The pounds of tomatoes and the pints of tomato juice illustrates a proportional table

The constant of proportionality of the table is 1.25

How to determine the constant of proportionality?

From the complete question, we have the following value

(x,y) = (4,5)

The constant of proportionality for a proportional table is calculated using:

y = kx

Make k the subject

k = y/x

So, we have:

k = 5/4


k = 1.25

Hence, the constant of proportionality of the table is 1.25

Read more about constant of proportionality at:


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