Four basketball coaches bought sweatshirts for the players on each of their teams. The table below shows the total amount each coach paid. What is the median price of a sweatshirt for the four teams?
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brenel3407 6 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

Because, you have to add the biggest number which is 380, to the second to biggest number which is 360, which will both get you to 740. Then you have to add the 740 to 300 which both gives you 1040 and then last but not least you have to add, 1040 and 270 together which will give you 1310 and that's your answer. :)

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usrr1848832 6 months ago
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It would be $330 for the median price. My method to solve this was writing out the total prices is order from least to greatest; 270, 300, 360, 380 and then crossing on off on either side until i’m left with one in the middle, that being the median, or two left in the middle. In this case, there were two in the middle. What you do then is find the middle of those two middle numbers. The middle of 300 and 360 is 330. Here’s it written out for a visual example.

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