An observer 160 meters away sees a rocket launch into the
air. The rocket reaches its maximum height when the ob-
server is looking at an angle of 75° relative to the ground.
What is the approximate maximum height of the rocket's
path, in meters?
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varshamittal029 5 months ago
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The approximate maximum height of the rocket's path is 597.13 meters.

How to elaborate the problem ?

Observer sees the rocket 160 meter away from the place where rocket launched.

75° is the angle between observer and rocket, when the rocket reaches its maximum height.

Here, if we assume a triangle whose base = distance between rocket launch point and the observer.

Height = Maximum height of the rocket

How to calculate the maximum height of the rocket ?

Here, Base = 160 meter & let, maximum height = h

tan 75° =

⇒ tan 75° =

⇒ h = 160 tan 75°

⇒ h = 597.13 (approx)

The maximum height of the rocket is 597.13 meters (approx).

Learn more about Height base problem here :


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Deleted account 6 months ago
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Not Answer:


Step-by-step Non-explanation:

The first term ( -4.9(t-4)^2 ) can never be positive, so the maximum height of 80 meters is achieved when t = 4. So the rocket will reach its maximum height after 4 seconds.

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