DIRECTIONS: When two words have similar sounds or spellings, it can be easy to mix them up!
Write the correct word on the space provided to complete each sentence.
(AFFECT, EFFECT) Getting enough fresh air and exercise can have a positive (1)
on your mood and your health. We can always predict
how these simple ways wili (2).
(SITE, SIGHT) Every year on our anniversary, we visit the (3)
where we
first met. We watch the stars until it was out of our (4)
(LOSE, LOOSE) Joanna wants to watch movie so she tried on her sisters old leather jacket, but
it was a bit (S)
on her. She reminded her friends not to
their ticket, because it's their only way to get back
into the park.
to Aunt Cindy because
of the blue curtain she put that perfectly (8)
the dark
hardwood floors.
(APART, A PART) Selena and her twin sister Luna have never been (9)
since birth, even in school. They both love to act and sing, when the school's
founding anniversary arrives, they hope to get (10)
the school musical to perform
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1: effect

2: affect

3: site

4: sight

5: loose

6: lose

7: compliment

8: complement

9: apart

10: a part

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