What’s the domain and range

Or explain how to find it please

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reinhard10158 6 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

the domain is the interval or set of all valid x-values for the function.

and the range is the interval or set of all valid y-values (functional result values) for the function.

so, we can see here that the function would create results for all x in (- infinity, + infinity). that is the domain.

now, what result values (y-values) are possible ?

we see, that the smallest functional value is y = -2.

and from there all y-values up to +infinity are possible.

so, the range is [-2, +infinity).

please consider the chosen brackets. the "[" means the value is included in the function, a "(" means that that particular interval end value is excluded. anything bigger or smaller might be valid but not this one value.

and infinity is not a value. hence they are not included in such intervals.

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