Five marbles labeled 1 through 5 are placed in a bag. A marble is randomly pulled and the number is recorded before the marble is
placed back in the bag. The results of the simulation of 20 marble pulls are shown in a dot plot.
Which dot plot models an unfair data-generating process?

We need to see the dot plots

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joaobezerra 6 months ago
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Using the dot plot concept, it is found that the left plot on the bottom row shows an unfair data-generating process.

What does a dot plot show?

The dot plot shows the number of times each measure appears in the data-set.

In this problem, each trial has 5 possible outcomes and there are 20 trials, hence each number should appear 20/5 = 4 times.

On the left plot of the bottom row, outcomes 1 and 5 appear 7 times, while outcomes 2, 3 and 4 appear 2 times, which are the furthest values from 5, hence it is an unfair data-generating process.

More can be learned about dot plots at


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cassandraa4295 6 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

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