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You work for a lawn service and need to prepare fertilizer for the day. The directions state that you should mix four ounces of fertilizer for every ten gallons of water. The tank holds 50 gallons of water. You want to have a full tank to start the day’s work. How many ounces of fertilizer should you add to the tank?

A.4 ounces
B.8 ounces
C.20 ounces
D.40 ounces
E.200 ounces
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dylanplaza07081 7 months ago
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Answer: 20. D.

Step-by-step explanation: 10 times 5 = 50. 4 times 5 = 20.

I hope this is right.

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Atoro8150 7 months ago
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The answer for the problem is c. 20 ounces

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