A cube of gold weighing 250g is heated from 25 degrees Celsius to some higher temperature, with the absorption of 430 Joules of heat energy. If the specific heat of gold is .03 J/g C, then what will the final temp of the gold cube be?

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The final temp of the gold cube will be 30.773 °C. The heat absorption principle is used in the given problem.

What is specific heat capacity ?

The amount of heat required to increase a substance's temperature by one degree Celsius is known as specific heat capacity.

Similarly, heat capacity is the relationship between the amount of energy delivered to a substance and the increase in temperature that results.

Mathematically, specific heat capacity is given by;

rm Q= Ms triangle t


Q is the amount of energy necessary to raise the temperature

M is the mass

Δt is the time it takes to raise the temperature.

s stands for specific heat capacity

While t stands for temperature change.

The given data in the problem is;

The energy required to raise the temperature is 430 joules.

M is the mass of gold = 250 g

s is the specific heat capacity of silver= (0.3 J/°Cg),

ΔT is the temperature fluctuation

The specific heat capacity is given by;

Hence,the final temp of the gold cube will be 30.773 °C.

To learn more about the specific heat capacity, refer to the link https://brainacademy.pro/question/2530523


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