What do you think is the worst kind of peer pressure (unspoken, put downs, reasoning, or rejection) and what is the best way to deal with it?​
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MathingNotForMe 7 months ago
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I'd say put downs


Being insulted to do something, and those people giving you the thought that if I do this, they will leave me alone, or accept me is very manipulative. Compared to other ones, like rejection is a skill we all have to learn to cope with, reasoning allows us to think for ourselves and make reasons why we shouldnt but put downs, or insultive ways are like a hole. You either do what youre being told to do or just accept that people will tease you make fun of you and wont accept you, or you can just walk away, dont care and ignore what others have to say. But most of the times, a child wont pick that walk away and ignore option, children feel the need to be accepted so if youre being insulted, put down, or not accepted because you wont do something, most people will ultimatelty do it be accepted.

Sorry if that didn't make much sense.

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