Darren is making veggie burgers for his family. He will use all the burgers mix he made to form 4 burgers of equal weight. The recipe only makes 32 oz burger mix but Darren made more than that to make extra big burgers
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el5477668 6 months ago
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4 > 32

Step-by-step explanation:

The variable x represents how much each of Darren's burgers will weigh. Since he will form 4 burgers of equal weight, the expression 4x represents the total weight of the burgers.

And, since Darren will use more than 32 ounces of burger mix, 4x must be greater than 32.

This inequality shows the relationship.

4x > 32

Now, solve for x.

4x > 32

4x/4 32/4

divide 32 by 4

So the answer is x > 8

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