The pilot of a small plane is flying at an altitude of 2000 ft- The pilor plans to start the final descent toward a runway when the horizontal distance between the plane and the runway is ? mi. To the nearest degree what will be the angle of depression 19 from the plane to the runw'y at this point?​
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joaobezerra 7 months ago
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Using the slope concept, supposing the horizontal distance is of 1500 feet, the angle of depression will be of 37º.

What is a slope?

The slope is given by the vertical change divided by the horizontal change, and it's also the tangent of the angle of depression.

In this problem, we suppose an horizontal distance of 1500 feet, with a vertical distance of 2000 feet, hence:

The angle of depression will be of 37º.

More can be learned about the slope concept at

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