-4. A car traveled 36 miles in 45 minutes. The car traveled at a constant speed. If the car
continues to travel at this rate, which equation can be used to determine y, the total
number of miles the car will travel, in x hours?
A. y=48x
B. y=x+48
C. 48y = x
D. 48+y=x
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shhgeifhqugqih 7 months ago
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I think it’s A because of you find the miles traveled per minute you get 0.8. Then you multiply that by 60 and get 48(because there are 60 minutes in an hour). Since you have the miles PER HOUR, you can make y equal to 48 times x which is represented by choice A.
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samli071237 7 months ago
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A. Is the answer

I'm correct right?

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