What is the slope of a line parallel to the line whose equation is
12x – 2y = 28. Fully simplify your answer.

Im really not sure how to do this and the internet isn’t helping me. I would really appreciate some help because I’m failing math and don’t understand. I can’t focus and I could just really use some help. Thank you so much!
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arturopinedapere335 6 months ago
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cironochan 6 months ago
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This is how you do it in steps
1st: 12x-2y= 28

2nd: you minus -12x on both sides on 28 like an equation but you don’t actually minus the 28 but leave it as -12x after that you should get the numbers below

3rd: -2y=-12x+28 you can’t have negatives y so you do this step down below

4th: -1 (-2y-12x+28) multiple each number
And you get 2y=12x+-28

5th: divide 2y on every number aka on (2y, 12x, -28)

6th: y=6x-14 is what you should get!

Hope it helps!

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