N2 + 3H2 to 2NH3 In a certain reaction you start with 4 moles of nitrogen and 10 moles of hydrogen. how many miles of the excess reactant will be left over
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Medunno13 6 months ago
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We know that for every mole of nitrogen consumed, 3 moles of hydrogen are consumed.

  • For the nitrogen, this means the reaction can occur 4/1 = 4 times.
  • For the hydrogen, this means the reaction can occur 10/3 = 3.33 times.

So, hydrogen is the limiting reactant, and if 10 moles of hydrogen are used, then the reaction will occur 3.33 times.

Hence, this means there is enough nitrogen left for the reaction to occur another 0.67 times, and hence 0.67 moles of nitrogen will be left over.

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