Andre makes a trip to Mexico. He exchanges some dollars for pesos at a rate of 20 pesos per dollar. While in Mexico, he spends 9000 pesos. When he returns, he exchanges his pesos for dollars (still at 20 pesos per dollar). He gets back the amount he started with. Find how many dollars Andre exchanged for pesos and explain your reasoning. If you get stuck, try writing an equation representing Andre’s trip using a variable for the number of dollars he exchanged

Also is it possible if you could make it so I can copy and paste? I don't have much time left.
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peggystallings63 6 months ago
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The answer is $450

If 20 pesos = $1, simply divide 9000 by 20 to get 450

Or do my way and divide 9000 by 10 to get 900 then divide by 2 to get 450

So the answer is $450

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