What is the equation of the line that passes through the point (4,1) and has a slope
of 1/2
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theleangreenbean 7 months ago
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Linear Equations

Linear equations are usually organized in slope-intercept form, which looks like this:

  • m is the slope of the line
  • b is the y-intercept (the value of y when the line passes through the y-axis)

To find the equation of a line in slope-intercept form:

  1. Determine the slope of the line
  2. Plug the slope into the general form
  3. Determine the y-intercept by solving for b
  4. Plug b back into the equation

Solving the Question

We're given:

  • m =
  • (4,1) falls on the line

First, plug the given slope into the slope-intercept form equation:

Now, determine the y-intercept.

⇒ Plug in the given point (4,1) and solve for b:

⇒ Therefore, the y-intercept is -1. Plug this back into our original equation:


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