What mainly do the following lines about the ballerinas reveal (paragraph 10)?
They weren't really very good-no better than anybody else would have been, anyway. They were burdened with sashweights and bags of
birdshot, and their faces were masked, so that no one, seeing a free and graceful gesture or a pretty face, would feel like something the cat drug
A. The ballerinas are the only people left who are allowed to be beautiful.
B. Dance is the last remaining art form
C. Shielding high intelligence or good looks keeps the public from feeling inferior.
D. People are forced to wear their handicaps in order to encourage them to become even stronger,
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The text reveals that shielding high intelligence or good looks prevents the audience from feeling inferior, as shown in option C.

How is this established?

  • The text shows that the ballerinas' dancing skills are average.
  • The text shows that ballerinas are able to stand out for their beauty or intelligence.
  • The text shows that the ballerinas had to hide their beauty and not show their intelligence.

This text is part of the book "Harrison Bergeron" that presents a society where everyone should be equal. Therefore, any characteristic of an individual, that becomes special, should be hidden, so that no one can stand out and make other people inferior.

For this reason, the ballerinas hid their faces, did not show intelligence, and danced flat and with average talent.

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