Which of the following equations are linear functions? Explain how you got your answer.
Select the three linear functions.
A. y = x to the power of 2 - 1
B. y = 2x + 1
C. y = 1/2x - 5
D. y = 1/3x to the power of 2
E. y = -x

Who ever answers this question you have to explain how your answer not just put the answer.

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abiafalak8 7 months ago
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B, C, and E

The reason B, C, and E are the answer's is because the equation of a linear equation is y= mx+b. B, C, and E are written this way. We can eliminate A and D because They are quadratic equations, because the X is squared.

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reevesemily776 7 months ago
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Yep it’s B,C,E their linear functions

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