Imagine a large, uninhabited area in the Florida Panhandle. How would the environment change if Southern planters from other states came and settled there? Create a graphic organizer like the one shown, and list the changes in the boxes provided.
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thelegendarybacon343 7 months ago
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       [The soil will change cus humans are farming in that land]      

[Trees will be cut down, so you will have houses and roads most of the time]      

[instead of seeing wildlife everywhere you will see paved roads and houses because the new settlement will begin to populate]      

[you will start seeing polluted rivers and the land will continously smell because of the farming that is going on in the land]      

[The land will become beautiful because planters have planted too much trees, and plants too much grass so people who spend 12 hours a day on computer, can go touch some grass and yeah]

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