Owners of a recreation area are filling a small pond with water. They are adding water at a rate of 34 liters per minute. There are 400
liters in the pond to start.
Let W represent the total amount of water in the pond (in liters), and let T represent the total number of minutes that water has been
added. Write an equation relating W to T. Then use this equation to find the total amount of water after 16 minutes.
Total amount of water after 16 minutes: liters
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musiclover10045 7 months ago
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Multiply liters per minute by number of minutes and add that to the starting amount.

W = 34t + 400

now replace t with 16 and solve:

W = 34(16) = 400

W = 544 + 400

W = 944

After 16 minutes there are 944 liters in the pond

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