what is SBS?? what does purple mean??
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geod 6 months ago
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It means Peak of crying, usually peaks around 2 months of age and lessens by 3 or 4 months. And crying can come and go I’m pretty sure.
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salopez19 6 months ago
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What does purple stand for in SBS?

The acronym "PURPLE‟ stands for the characteristics of infant crying in the first few months of life: P: Peak of crying. U: Unexpected R: Resists soothing. P: Pain-like face. L: Long lasting.


Purple is an acronym that can be used as a guideline for normal patterns of infant crying, which describes common crying behaviors in infants. PURPLE stands for Peak, Unpredictability, Resistant, Pain, Long periods, and Evening. Ways to soothe a “colicky” baby.

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