Observe your community, what do you think is trending today? Why do you say so?
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Parrain 7 months ago
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By observing your community, you will notice that there are certain things that are trending and you can then investigate further to find out why those things are happening.

What is trending in your community?

This is an essay type question and so I cannot give you the answer but I can help guide you.

First you should observe your community to find out if there are any new and popular trends emerging. For instance, more people might be using bicycles to get to work.

You then give evidence as to why you believe your observation is a new trend. For instance, you compare your current observation on bicycles, to bicycle numbers in the past number of years.

You could pull up bicycle numbers for your areas on the internet, interview a bicycle salesman in the area, or draw evidence from your own memory of bicycle usage in the past.

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