Write an exponential function. In your own words, describe the rate of change of this function and what the graph looks like.
ACTUALLY WRITE A FUNCTION PLEASE! I don't care about an explanation.
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beinggreat78 6 months ago
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y = a × b^x

b > 1

2 × 2 × 2 × 2

Assume all values are greater than 1

This function is a representation of exponential growth.

  • If b is less than 1, the function is exponential decay.
  • If b is greater than 1, the function will be exponential growth.
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Deleted account 6 months ago
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An exponential function follows the form a^x, where a is a constant. Other answers incorrectly say it depend on the exponent but that is no true because this is a constant raised to x NOT x raised to a number.

You ask for rate of change in other words derivative

You may recall that the derivative of a^x is a^x*ln(a).

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