Lines 145-161: In what two sentence does Fitzgerald address the audience directly? Why does the author use narrative summary in these lines readers instead of writing a scene?
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Fitzgerald implied the 'items in' the colder time of year dreams remained. The peruser went further to discovers that Dexter goes with choices in his day to day existence in view of his colder time of year dreams.

What action was done by Dexter?

Dexter is a shallow and guileless visionary that neglects to look past appearances.

In addition to the fact that things are not as epic and radiant to self image as he suspects yet additionally that he neglects to see the value in what he really has, for a deception of something that doesn't exist.

His impressions of the outer appearance and sparkle of abundance don't ponder the fundamental outcomes of such riches and on how these men truly got well off.

He is hence unequipped for understanding reality and his fantasies are a misshaped rendition of it in view of his own projections.

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