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In her free time, Isabelle likes to read. She kept track of the number of pages in each book she read last summer. This box plot shows the results.
Book pages
What fraction of the books had 200 or fewer pages?

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Its 1/2

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joaobezerra 7 months ago
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Using the box plot, it is found that 200 is the median, that is 50% of the books had 200 or fewer pages.

What is a box plot?

It is a plot that focuses the interquartile range of the population, that is, it gives:

  • The first quartile.
  • The median.
  • The third quartile.

In this problem, they are given as follows:

  • The first quartile is of 175.
  • The median is of 200.
  • The third quartile is of 250.

Hence, 50% of the books had 200 or fewer pages.

More can be learned about box plots at

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