Esperanza faces several internal and external struggles. Overall, what are Esperanza's biggest challenges? Before addressing this question, reread the excerpt and paraphrase the story in your own words, maintaining its meaning and order. Then, summarize the challenges Esperanza faces in each section of the text, ensuring that the most significant details are expressed. Explain how figurative language is used to convey those challenges. Be sure to support your analysis with evidence from the text.
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When Esperanza and her mother were forced to escape Mexico due to her violent uncles, her father died. After her father is slain and her luxurious home in Mexico is destroyed, Esperanza must learn to live a new life as a destitute migrant in California.

What conflicts does Esperanza face in The House on Mango Street?

Large-scale conflict Esperanza is trying to find her place in the world and in her community.

Rising action Esperanza longs to escape her area, observes other women, and discovers new knowledge through her connection with the  daring Sally.

Thus, Esperanza were forced to escape Mexico

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