Read this excerpt from a story.

Cameron checked his watch, noting that an hour had already passed since he arrived at home. He had progressed to the expert level of his video game, and he was within a few moves of earning bonus cash for the game's virtual store.

"Cam, are you ready to get started on your project? It's due tomorrow. I found some stencils you can use," Cameron's mom called.

"Yeah, in a little bit," Cam replied, as he earned the bonus cash and saved his game to play later. He reclined on the couch and closed his eyes, recalling the game and ignoring the nagging feeling that he had something to do. He checked his watch again, then picked up a comic book and began to read.

What type of conflict is Cameron experiencing?

person vs. self
person vs. person
person vs. society
person vs. nature
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MurderMascerade 6 months ago
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Person VS society.


Cam doesn't want to do his homework, but he's supposed to.

But it could also be person vs self because he refuses to do stuff even thought he knows he's supposed to-

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Camper4 6 months ago
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Person vs Self

He is battling internally, he knows he is supposed to be doing his homework. It can also be Person vs Society because he is trying to ignore the call to do what he knows he should do.

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