Read the paragraph. Then answer the question that follows.

Perhaps you wanted pizza for dinner, but were out voted by the rest of the family who wanted chili. This is similar to what happens in a community. One person has to give up a right for the good of the group. Sometimes citizens' duties and rights conflict with each other. A good example is a public protest. People have the right to meet in groups and share ideas. However, a protest can disrupt traffic or other normal activities. A city must provide extra police protection to keep people safe. Therefore, the city has the right to require permission in advance for a protest. Government must make laws to balance the rights of individuals and different groups of people.

Which of the following statements best describes this paragraph?

The paragraph contains categories of comparison.
The paragraph contains a simile.
The paragraph contains no text connections.
The paragraph contains an analogy.
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tabbyrain064 6 months ago
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The paragraph contains analogies


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rp220435 6 months ago
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The paragraph contains an analogy.i think thats it


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