A baseball coach draws names to decide who will be the first player at bat There are 5 girls and 10 boys on the team Describe and explain the probability of each outcome

a. The first batter is a girl

b. The first batter is a boy
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Using the probability concept, it is found that:

a) P(girl) = 1/3, which means that 1/3 = 33% of the time, the first batter will be a girl.

b) P(boy) = 2/3, which means that 2/3 = 67% of the time, the first batter will be a boy.

What is a probability?

A probability is given by the number of desired outcomes divided by the number of total outcomes.

In this problem, in a total of 15 people, 5 are girls and 10 are boys, hence:

  • P(girl) = 5/15 = 1/3.
  • P(boy) = 10/15 = 2/3.

More can be learned about probabilities at https://brainacademy.pro/question/14398287


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