Estimate the value of 96.8 x 9.74
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soniatiwari214 6 months ago
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The estimated value of the given product is 970. The given product is (96.8×9.74). This is obtained by using the rounding-off method.

What is estimation?

  • Estimating means finding something close to the actual answer. In other words, it is approximating.
  • Estimating decimal products involves many strategies.
  • General strategy is rounding-off to the nearest value method.

Estimating the given product:

The given product is (96.8×9.74)

Here the first decimal number in the product is 96.8

Since the digit after the decimal point 8 is nearer to the value of 10, it is rounded to 97. I.e., 96.8≅97

And the second decimal number is 9.74

Since the digit after the decimal 7is nearer to the value of 10, it is rounded to 10. I.e., 9.74≅10

So, the product is  97×10=970

Thus, 96.8×9.74≅970 (approx.)

Therefore, the estimated value is 970.

Learn more about estimation here:


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blackcatluck1 7 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

Let's round!

96.8 can be rounded to 100

9.74 can be rounded to 10


Hope this helps!

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