Why should the items listed in a will be described as clearly as possible?
A. To ensure that worthless assets are thrown away
B. To ensure that assets are divided equally
C. To ensure that all the beneficiaries will be happy
D. To ensure that the executor will know what was intended

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Will is the legal document that shows the distribution of the property. The items listed in the will should be clearly stated so that executor knows what was intended.

What is a will?

A will is a testament that is a legal document containing an individual's wish to show the distribution of their property after their death. Also, it states how the property should be maintained and by whom when they are alive.

The executor is the person from the legal team that legally and fairly executes the disposition of the person's estate after their death. He must ensure that all the items described must be executed properly.

Therefore, option D. items in a will must be clearly indicated for the intended execution.

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