What is a katniss vs society moment in hunger games
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sxmthing 6 months ago
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In the (first book): Katniss vs society is when Katniss hunts illegally, sneaking out of District 12 to feed her family. Another way she rebels is when she outsmarts the game makers in the Hunger Games, getting them to declare her and Peeta the winners.

Catching Fire second book): Katniss vs society is when she joins the rebellion in District 13 against President Snow.

Mockingjay (third book): Katniss vs society is when she kills Coin (the new president replacing President Snow, who is just as corrupted) Since the old government was demolished and a new one was made, she still rebelled against the system (aka society).


Society is the government (President Snow, laws, the Hunger Games).

hope this helps:)

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