Ways that teachers can overcome a lack of resources in their classes
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School is a place where children spend hours a day in different classrooms expecting to learn new ideas and topics. It is a place where the teachers are expected to teach kids history, math, science, or English.   The students are expected to receive the information, and use it to decipher what it is they want to do when they get older; however, how are students meant to learn when their classrooms are not filled with the resources they need? All over the world, classrooms are not supplied with sufficient resources. Teachers must teach the students different subjects without the proper resources in their classrooms to do so. This problem is a wicked problem - a problem that has many solutions but will ultimately take a while to be solved(Rittel 1973). The wicked problem at hand is the lack of resources in classrooms. This problem affects students and teachers, which in turn can affect the parents of the children. The lack of resources in classrooms can cause extreme distress on the students and teachers. Not only are the students and teachers in distress, but they are unable to learn to their fullest potential because they are not being given the proper resources. Once we realize these problems, we then can investigate solutions for this wicked problem. In different areas around the world, school districts are struggling to find enough money to spend on resources in their schools. Areas with high poverty rates are typically the areas where the schools are struggling the most. The people living around the school don’t pay as much for school taxes. The schools in high poverty areas are scrambling to find resources. The lack of resources affects the students in different ways. It means they are not getting the most out of their education


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