A right cylinder is sliced perpendicular to its base.
What is the shape of the resulting two-dimensional cross section?

A. Triangle
B. Trapezoid
C. Circle
D. Rectangle
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samuelonum1 6 months ago
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When a right cylinder is sliced perpendicular to its base, the cross section that we will have is

D. Rectangle

Mensuration of Solids

Description of Rectangle

A rectangle is a solid shape with six faces and four vertices, it has two of it sides equal.

Description of Cylinder

We have the square based cylinder, the triangular base cylinder etc.

Unlike the Rectangle, the cylinder has no vertice.

Please see attached the image of cylinders

Learn more about cylinders here:


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goldengoldenfoxy 5 months ago
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Step-by-step explanation:

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What is the scale factor of this dilation? a:1/2 b:2/3 c:3/4 d:3/2

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