HELELEOOO IS ANYONE GOOD AT WRITING STORIESSS??? SOMEONE HELP START ME OFF make it horror with romance and action !!! ILL BRAINLIST U I PROMISE THOS IS URGENT ID RLLY APPRECIATE IT. just write anything but make it interesting and action, ideas can be from a specific movie too. Let’s see who’s the best writer here.

i has sm fun writing this

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27garlingtons5451 6 months ago
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yes omg i love writing omg


first person : As I ran through the cordoors of the appartment building, it was like it was never ending. I tried banging on the doors, but aparently no one would answer. I ran as fast as I could through the hall. But he wouldnt stop. He was determined to chase me, and catch me. As he was catching up.  I couldnt see what he looked like because he stayed in the shadows. All I knew was that he was a man from his muscular body. I could see his abs through his shirt. As I came too the end of the cordoors, there was a waiting room. A dead end. I tried hiding behind the couch hoping he didnt see where I went, I watched him walk through the doors, closing my eyes hoping he wouldnt find me. When I opened them, he was gone, No where to be seen. The next thing I know, theres a man right beside me. As I turned slowly, our eyes met. I blushed sligtly. With his messy brown hair. He looks as if hes in his mid 30s. He has a masculine jawline with light brown eyes. he says, "Whats the matter, <insert name>?"

you can make any improvements as you need,  :')

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