Procedural and Functional Texts
Project: Complex Processes
Part one: Read a how-to article that describes a complex process, then answer questions about it.
Part two: Write your own instructions for a complex process of your choice to guide others in performing a specific task
Step 1: Read the how-to article.
a) Read the article “How to Change Your Oil and Filter.”
Step 2: Answer questions about the article.
a) Respond to the short-answer questions.
b) Submit your completed answers.
Assignment Instructions: Part Two
Step 1: Choose a specific, complex process to write about.
a) Choose a process that you are comfortable describing or that you have an understanding of.
i. For example, you might describe how to cook a family recipe, maintain a bicycle, beat a challenging video game level, create an app, code a game, sew something, craft something, build something, repair something, draw or paint something, or execute a skilled athletic maneuver.
Step 2: Research the process you chose.
a) Identify methods for completing the process.
b) Take notes on important details.
Step 3: Create an outline.
a) Outline the process step by step.
b) Include specific details to support each step of the process.
Step 4: Write up the process.
a) Compose a step-by-step instructional guide on how to complete the process.
b) Choose words that help you describe the order in which steps will be completed. i. For example, use the words first, once, after, next, now, then, and finally.
c) Consider your audience.
i. Describe the process so that a person with no background knowledge of the task could successfully complete it.
d) List required or recommended materials, ingredients, equipment, or tools.
e) Provide specifics for any required or recommended temperature, time, weights, or measurements.
f) Recommend techniques or strategies to make the process go more smoothly.
g) Discuss any pitfalls or common mistakes to avoid in the process.
h) Use images, diagrams, or drawings to support the written explanation.
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A procedural text example is a cookbook and a snippet is:

  • Batter two eggs
  • Pour them inside a hot oil on a pan
  • Stir and turn.
  • Serve and eat.

What is a Procedural Text?

This refers to a type of text that gives instructions to complete a task through a sequence of steps.

Hence, we can see that a cookbook example has been given above and this was made to teach how to fry an egg for eating a variety of meals and there is a sequence of steps displayed.

Read more about procedural texts here:

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