fter learning so much about how art and culture are connected, it is time to explore different cultural pieces of art.

For this activity, you will search online and find a piece of art from four different cultures. You will need to copy or screenshot the four pieces of art that you decide on, and insert them into your written assignment.

You may choose any type of art from any culture that you like, but please keep in mind the appropriateness of your choices.

One you have selected your four pieces of art, you will answer several questions about each one and briefly discuss the piece.

Questions and points to discuss for each piece of art:

What culture is your piece of art from?
Why did you choose this piece?
What does this piece tell you about the culture?
Think daily life, food, celebrations and rituals, nature, and overall lifestyle.
How is this piece of art different from the rest of your choices?
You will be graded on your appropriate selection of four art pieces and your thorough answering of the questions. For more details on how you will be graded, please refer to the rubric below.
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The art work I chose are the Mona Lisa, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog from German art, The Fighting Temeraire of British and The Chinese Ode of the River Goddess.

What is the Mona Lisa?

The Mona Lisa is known to be created around 1503–19 by a famous artist known as Leonardo da Vinci.

The culture that the Mona Lisa piece of art is from is Italian Renaissance.

The  Mona Lisa tell you about the Italian culture of modesty which is why the painting of the lady was in a thin veil and use of somber colors and no jewelry.

This piece of arts different from the rest of your choices as the painting’s tells more about its simplicity and this is one that makes people to go deeper thinking what it is all about.

Learn more about Italian Renaissance art from


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