Commas in Sentence Parts
A A. Writing with Commas
Add commas where they are needed in the following paragraph.
The sleek beautiful clipper ship is perhaps the best-known sailing ship
built in the 1800s. Prized for its speed the clipper ship had a slender hull and
up to six rows of sails on each mast. Its name was a derivation of clip, meaning
"to move swiftly." Indeed it could move at a top speed of 20 knots. Clipper
ships carried tea from China wool from Australia and passengers and supplies
to the goldfields in California. From New York on the East Coast the clipper
ships could sail around the tip of South America and dock at San Francisco in
about 100 days. The greatest designer of these ships was Donald McKay a
Canadian. At his shipyard in East Boston, Massachusetts McKay constructed
over 30 ships. One of them Great Republic was the largest such boat ever
built. Sailing on such a ship would be quite an adventure don't you think?
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