A large diamond with a mass of 712.04 grams was recently discovered in a mine. If the density of the diamond is 3.51 g/cm*3, what is the volume? Round your answer to the nearest

A) 202.86 cml
B) 507.02 cml
C) 717.06 cm
D) 3574.44 cm
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ewomazinoade 5 months ago
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Given the density of the diamond and the mass of the diamond, its volume is 202.86 cml.

What is the volume?

The density of an object is the total mass that is occupying a given space. It is determined by dividing the mass of the object by its volume.

Density = mass / volume

Volume mass / densirt

712.04 / 3.51

= 202.86 cml

To learn more about density, please check: https://brainacademy.pro/question/9215083

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