Clausen and colleagues proposed two hypotheses to explain this variation within a species: (1) There are genetic differences between populations of plants found at different elevations. (2) The species has developmental flexibility and can assume tall or short growth forms, depending on local abiotic factors. If you had seeds from yarrow plants found at low and high elevations, what experiments would you perform to test these hypotheses
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A possible experiment to test these hypotheses would be to plant the seeds at different elevations and verify the differences in these.

What is an experiment?

This is a scientific procedure that aims at testing hypotheses or potential explanation for a phenomenon.

What should be considered when designing a hypothesis?

  • Make sure the factors tested can be measured.
  • Control variables.
  • Design an experiment that can test the hypothesis.

What is the best experiment?

There are two possible experiments:

  • Planting yarrow plants at different elevations and observing if their height is different.
  • Genetics studies to determine if there are genetic differences.

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