You should now be familiar with the Han Empire and the Silk Road! Your assignment is to create a sense chart about the sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells that one might have experienced along the Silk Road.

Imagine yourself as a merchant along the Silk Road, during the time of the Han Dynasty. Think of all the places, peoples, and events you would see and experience. Your five senses would be overwhelmed! You would see different countries, with different types of land and terrain. You would hear different languages, music, and sounds. You would see humans working and creating new products. You would touch different fabrics. You would experience hot, cold, damp, or dry weather. You would taste new foods. You would smell spices and animals in marketplaces. You would see animals that are not native to your homeland.

First, print the Sense Chart. Then, fill in the sense chart with sensory details describing what you would experience along the Silk Road.

Your completed Sense Chart must:

list at least three details for each of the five senses
include one image for each of the five categories
include factual information from the lesson to support what you are sensing or experiencing
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I can't help.


You need to imagine yourself and decide this for yourself. You would describe it as what you think you would experience. It's a project that has no set answer. It tells you to imagine details that would be along the silk road, and you need to add at least 3 details per sense. I think for smell I would try to describe spices and animals you might find, and you could describe landscapes, people, and animals you might see, and the sound of wind and animals and people and stuff like that, if that helps.

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