How can acid change the shape of earth's surface?
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Binay5524 6 months ago
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So Acid changes the shape of Earth by damaging the natural resources of Earth through Acid Rain. The Harmful Gases like Sulphate, Nitric oxide Mix with water vapour of earth atmosphere and Comes to earth by rain consisting of Acid and Damage the Shape of surface of Earth

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recordofraganrok 6 months ago
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See below.


First let's review with the basics of this topic.


  • Chemicals only turn into acids when moisture and sunlight combine.

Because of this process, when the acids come back to the Earth's surface, it comes back as acid rain.  Rocks like limestone, marble, and others kinds of stone can be affected and weathered by acid rain rapidly.  This process effects the surface of the Earth as these rocks make up the shape of the Earth's surface.

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