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How are the responsibilities of an Akkadian king like those of a leader from today?
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recordofraganrok 6 months ago
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They would strategically give men power over a conquered or owned region.


In Today's age, countries are ruled by governments and there are branches of governments. Akkadin kings such as "Sargon" would place their men in power of specfic regions and it would all go back to a main center of power and in today's words, that would be the president. In the United States, Joe Biden is the president and is in charge of America. America embraces democracy where citizens have a say in who leads next. A place like Russia which originally embraced communism is ruled by Vladimir Putin has power over the entire country (Russia is considered the biggest country in the world). Vladimir Putin is a autocrat who is considered to have the "fate of the world in the palm of this hand". Since back then, the Akkadian kings would but specific men to be in charge of owned regions just like how there are goveners of cities or mayors of towns. In each town, city, state, or even a country, there is always a hierarchy leading back towards the central power and back then it was the Akkadian kings and today it is the President or the Monarchy (King or Queen) or in general just a leader of a territory. In this case, I am referring to a tribe.

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