What are three of the most common workplace accidents and two ways to prevent each of type of accident?
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denimxpastel 5 months ago
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1)slips,trips and falls

2)Fire and explosions

3)over exertion and muscle strains


  • To prevent slips and falls keep walking surfaces clean and free of clutter , cleaning all spills immediately
  • To prevent fire and explosions wear proper personal protective equipment and maintain chemical safety data sheets for all chemicals
  • To prevent over exertion and muscle strains ensure employees are receiving frequent breaks and use safe lifting techniques
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ProjectsupremeX5 5 months ago
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:Most common workplace accidents

The 10 Most Common Workplace Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents. People who drive as part of their jobs are exposed to negligent drivers, inclement weather and faulty automotive equipment. ...

Slip and Falls. ...

Falls from Heights. ...

Electrocution. ...

Overexertion. ...

Struck by Objects. ...

Struck Against. ...



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