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1. You have previously chosen a side to an issue, stated a claim, and you have written ideas: "Should people who own cats be required to keep them indoors?"
about your claim in your Argument Organizer. Now you will use your ideas from the organizer to write the introduction paragraph to your argument.

2. In your introduction paragraph, remember to include:
• Write in formal style using the third person point of view; not first nor second!
• Basic information on your topic
• A reason to care about the issue
• Your specific claim that is clearly focused on your issue (exclude all personal feelings and the pronoun “I”)
• Write three or more complete sentences
• Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
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Jadepchavez 5 months ago
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It is a fact that people who have cats usually keep them outside but, it is beneficial and should be required to keep them indoors to get rid of mice. Not only will keeping them inside get rid of mice but, it will also make your cat grow to love you. Cats shouldn't be thrown outside because, if a cat is inside it will make sure no mouse comes near you.


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