A piece of sodium metal is added to a beaker of water. One of the products is hydrogen gas. Name the other product. Give the full name, not the symbol.
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Sodium Hydroxide!


  • When a metal combines with water, metal hydroxide is formed, as well as hydrogen gas.
  • The equation in which the total number of individual atoms on the reactant side equals the total number of individual atoms on the product side is known as a balanced chemical equation.
  • For the reaction of sodium metal with water, a balanced chemical equation is as follows:
  • 2 Na +2 H20 ---> H2 + 2 NAOH

- The equation above is balanced.

  • By Stoichiometry of the reaction:
  • 2 moles of sodium metal reacts with 2 moles of water to produce 2 moles of sodium hydroxide and 1 mole of hydrogen gas

Hence, the other product in the given reaction is sodium hydroxide

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