a) On January 1st Mary weighed 92 pounds. Over the next 6 months, she gained (g) pounds, then lost (x) pounds. Her new weight can be represented by the equation w = 92+ g -1. If g = 15 and x =8 , what is mary's new weight? ​

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rspill6 6 months ago
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w = 99 pounds

Step-by-step explanation:

The problem states that Mary's weight is given by the equation:  

w = 92 + g - 1

I believe the "-1" should be "-x."  -1 would mean that Mary lost 1 pound.  But we know that Mary lost 8 pounds, which is designated as x.

The correct equation is:

w = 92 + g - x


Using the correct equation, and g=15 and x=8, Mary's new weight is:

w = 92 + 15 - 8

w = 99 pounds

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