(need some help!!) explain why the lowest possible domain value for a linear model of this data must begin at x = 6
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disguisedmoth 4 months ago
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To first understand this question, we have to know what a domain is, and what it means to be linear.

The domain is all the possible x values.

Currently, in this graph, it starts at 0, and goes to some point further on.

To be linear means that you have linear growth, which this does not.  This has a bend in it, which is not linear.  

So, you must restrict the domain such that you only have a linear section.

If you look at the graph as a whole, it makes a bend. But, if you only look at x value 6 and up, it seems quite straight.

So, this makes sense!

Hope this helps, feel free to ask questions in comments.


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